26 July 2010


one hundred can be a lot. or it can it a little.

for example, one hundred dollars vs. one hundred pennies. big difference. or how about one hundred days vs. one hundred seconds.... see what i mean?

but for me today, one hundred is a lot. one hundred is the number of blogs I have posted on this blog. 

now i will be honest with you, i never though i could really get into blogging. my sister and i started a blog years ago and i think i posted twice. but i think i kind of like it by now. not only is it a way for my friends and family to figure out what is going on in my life (especially the ones that live far away) but it is a nice and easy way for my to remember my own happenings. 

so here's to one hundred. maybe someday i'll get to one thousand. then it really will be a miracle. 

1 comment:

Jenson Family said...

I love your posts, so I'm glad for all 100 of them!