11 July 2010

further to fall.

well... rafael took the wimbledon championship like the hero i know he is. 
plus his country killed the fifa world cup and took home a victory.
all i can say is spain is loving july.

i wish i were there. [i did love barcelona] 

in other news... who ever said eminem could make a comeback? i can't turn on the radio without hearing him anymore. if only rihanna's chorus in love the way you lie wasn't so catchy. 

confession... after a year of my sister in law trying to convince me to read The Hunger Games series, i finally gave in... and read both books in a day and a half. if you haven't read them, do. i promise you won't be disappointed. the third and final installation of the series comes out the end of august and i can barely wait. but mostly i really can't stand that there are only three books. i want it to last forever. 

i don't know how i feel about the rumors that chuck bass' new beau is fleur delacour-weasley...aka clemence poesy. i guess i will just have to be relieved that the beloved charles is in fact alive and well despite awful the attack in prague.

you wouldn't hear me wishing for fall to begin...but i have to say, august and september will no doubt be very interesting.


Cory & Celeste Simons said...

How funny... My husband's work friends have been wanting him to read Hunger Games so he started it a little while ago. He likes it so far! Now you guys can have a party when the third one comes out. Ha.

Ali said...

i totally agree about eminem. he is the worst, and i hate hearing him allll the time.

Jenson Family said...

Glad you liked them!!! Good stuff!