13 July 2010


july is probably my favorite month in the whole year.

the sun is out.
the mountains are green.
we celebrate our country's independence.
and my whole entire family comes to town.

yep, all twenty-five of us in one household for a week. 

insane? yes.
loads of fun? absolutely.

this year my little niece Lindsey was baptized to make the annual family vacation even better.

there was a little camping.
a lot of rock band.
some ticket to ride.
some pool time, some shopping time.
lots of eating, parties and more. 
and plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained.
lucky for us the fourth was on a sunday so we got to celebrate it for three days!

saturday we camped out on the grass and watched the fireworks from stadium of fire. 
then sunday we celebrated officially with the traditional hamburgers, lemon jello cake, and fireworks. 

and monday we finished it off with the parade, a family party and games. 
now basically everyone is gone and we're back to a silent house.

it was fun while it lasted...


Jenson Family said...

That was the best week EVER! Rock Band ROCKED!! Thanks to you and Jefe for staying up with me so I could get my fill!! xoxo

Alli said...

you look so cute in these pictures. love it!!

Shera said...

I love your photo editing!