28 July 2010


my sister is obsessed with kings of leon. and i mean OBsessed. like she even knows more songs than just use somebody. she loved them way before you realized your sex was on fire. she knows their names, birthdays and social security numbers (practically). she knows their cousins, kids, aunts and brothers. she's seen them in two states, three times. basically she lives and breathes KOL and isn't afraid to admit it.
needless to say, I was extremely lucky when she decided she wanted me to accompany her on one of her various love affairs... the Kings of Leon concert at USANA amphitheater. 
it was a good show and a good time.
lucky for me jared followill wasn't pigeon bombed while I was standing mere inches away from him.

**all photos belong to the fore mentioned sister.

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Rondi said...

Baaahhaaaaa!!! This is my favorite post for obvious reasons but you are such a good writer and super funny. Missing this night so much. Thanks for being a part of my love affair! You need to know your future in-laws after all...