29 July 2010

act naturally.

there are some things you learn to expect come summer time. for example, you know the weather will be warm (most of the time at least). and you know that the rising temperature calls for various outside activities such as swimming, boating, walks, bike rides, outdoor movies, fires etc. you also can guarantee all sorts of carnivals, parades, and rodeos. and finally, with even more time on your hands, extended hours of daylight and an eagerness for adventure, you can be sure to always be searching for new and interesting activities

as for my summer, i've had all the above.

i've had my share of bon fires and smores. 

i've seen a plethora of great films.

i've listened to some live music.

i've celebrated birthdays.

i've ventured to a rodeo.

i've goofed around.

and i've loved every second of it.

just taking the expected and unexpected as they come. 

1 comment:

Alli said...

yeah, i love this post. this summer has been a blast! the best part has been the bon fires and smores... :)