10 May 2010

you gotta go there to come back.

school is out and so am i.

the second finals ended i packed up my things, got my in car, left all my stress behind and took off for a while.

FIRST: st. george welcomed me with cold weather but lots of fun. i visited my brother and his wife and their little girl plus my soon-to-be-little nephew. it was the perfect relaxing weekend and just what i needed.

there was lots of yummy food. hugh grant. myth-busters. sleeping and playing. it was great.

THEN: i came home just in time to unpack, repack and take off to Dallas, Texas to see my oldest sister and her family. my little nephew was to be baptized and we were lucky enough to even have my oldest brother and his family. perfect mini family reunion. 

there was lots of laughs. brothers bloom. games. frozen yogurt. and the best times.

i just can't wait till the 4th when ALL my family will be in Provo playing with me. 

still... i think i need another vacay.

(p.s. thank goodness my lovely sisters take pictures. because i don't.)


Rondi said...

Oh how I love Brothers Bloom. And watching multiple
times. Alone. And Adrien Brody. And his nose. And YUMMILICIOUS..... what I would do for a bowl of that right now... Good good times.

Heather and Trevor said...

What a cute post! I am just catching up on your blog due to my little "adventure" in the hospital. That was so much fun to have you here! We love it!! Come back soon! Oh wait you just did.....still come back soon again! :)