14 May 2010

something's missing.

you don't even understand.

that i want to cry every time i think about london.

every time i hear of someone in london.
every time i see a picture of london.
every time i see a picture of someone i know in london.
every time i hear a british accent.
every time i look at how much flights to london cost. 
every time i look through my thousands of pictures from london.
every time i google maps london.
every time it rains.
every time i hear of someone going to london on study abroad and taking my place on 27 palace court.
every time i miss the 40 beautiful ladies and 4 great professors and their families.
every time the big ben on my dashboard rings.
every time i remember how fantastic, mesmerizing, and once in a life time time my perfect london vacation was.

seriously. every time. i want to cry.

you don't understand that i would give anything to be there right now or at any given moment in my life. you don't understand that there is nothing in the world like it. no place with transportation as good, queens as great, musicals as well performed, people as amazing, buildings as grand, shopping so extravagant, art as beautiful, and happiness as full. 

you don't understand. unless you've been and feel the same way as i do.

my london obsession is bad. so bad that anyone who is in london gets deleted from my news feed because i can't bear to look at their pictures. so bad that i honestly talk about it at least once a day. so bad that i am full with complete jealousy whenever anyone speaks of going there or being there. so bad that i would jump on a plane today and never come back. 

can't you see? this place is perfect.

take me back to the place where i belong. 

five months later and i'm still a homesick mess. 

london: i just don't think i'll ever get over you.


missvieve said...

I feel the exact same way Emmy! I feel like there will always be this hole in my heart that only London can fill. I hope I don't resort to trying to fill this void through food because I fear that I would become obese, and the hole would still be there. I need to go back ASAP...

Gramma Betsy said...

I understand. Remember, I told you this would happen!