15 May 2010

change of time.

have i mentioned how i have the best friends in the world? seriously. 

the BEST part about summer is the expansion of available time to play with these great friends.

exhibit 1: the abney's.

it was kerri and alisen's birthday in april and and abney's know how to party so we had some good times. it was great to spend some time with my other mother, long lost sister and bestie. i can't believe my al is 21!

exhibit 2: camille bethany whitaker
(love this old picture from like 2006.)

camille bethany is home for the summer! i couldn't be more pleased to have this girl home for the summer.

exhibit 3: my fave five
(another old picture. at our traditional wingers dinner. senior year)

more time with my five high school best friends. karissa.rebekah. michelle. calli. and camille. the greatest girls i know. we got together a couple weeks ago for a hilarious, fun, reminiscent, laughter filled girls night. it was the first time all six of us have been together since calli left the single life for good. 

i love to have more time for all my girls and can't wait for it to be actually warm outside so we can have even more fun.


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