19 May 2010

king of new york.

long live chuck bass.

someone better save him. 

he just can't leave us.

xoxo. saddest girl.

16 May 2010

hey baby.


austin jenson was born this saturday and i must say, he is a doll. that makes nephew number five. which means i am an aunt for the thirteenth time. lucky me!
can't wait to meet the little guy.

15 May 2010

change of time.

have i mentioned how i have the best friends in the world? seriously. 

the BEST part about summer is the expansion of available time to play with these great friends.

exhibit 1: the abney's.

it was kerri and alisen's birthday in april and and abney's know how to party so we had some good times. it was great to spend some time with my other mother, long lost sister and bestie. i can't believe my al is 21!

exhibit 2: camille bethany whitaker
(love this old picture from like 2006.)

camille bethany is home for the summer! i couldn't be more pleased to have this girl home for the summer.

exhibit 3: my fave five
(another old picture. at our traditional wingers dinner. senior year)

more time with my five high school best friends. karissa.rebekah. michelle. calli. and camille. the greatest girls i know. we got together a couple weeks ago for a hilarious, fun, reminiscent, laughter filled girls night. it was the first time all six of us have been together since calli left the single life for good. 

i love to have more time for all my girls and can't wait for it to be actually warm outside so we can have even more fun.


14 May 2010

wanna be a balla.

when i was in elementary school we had Jazz days every friday. as in the utah jazz. of the NBA. we even had a couple real live Jazz players come read us books if we were good little readers. 

i've been bread and read jazz. a necessity from living in provo, utah my entire life. 

being so. i was pleased when alisen talked me into going to game four of the playoffs with her. i don't care that we lost. it was a blast and we cheered as loud as we could from that upper bowl. 

after all, basketball is my favorite sport. i like the way the dribble up and down the court.

something's missing.

you don't even understand.

that i want to cry every time i think about london.

every time i hear of someone in london.
every time i see a picture of london.
every time i see a picture of someone i know in london.
every time i hear a british accent.
every time i look at how much flights to london cost. 
every time i look through my thousands of pictures from london.
every time i google maps london.
every time it rains.
every time i hear of someone going to london on study abroad and taking my place on 27 palace court.
every time i miss the 40 beautiful ladies and 4 great professors and their families.
every time the big ben on my dashboard rings.
every time i remember how fantastic, mesmerizing, and once in a life time time my perfect london vacation was.

seriously. every time. i want to cry.

you don't understand that i would give anything to be there right now or at any given moment in my life. you don't understand that there is nothing in the world like it. no place with transportation as good, queens as great, musicals as well performed, people as amazing, buildings as grand, shopping so extravagant, art as beautiful, and happiness as full. 

you don't understand. unless you've been and feel the same way as i do.

my london obsession is bad. so bad that anyone who is in london gets deleted from my news feed because i can't bear to look at their pictures. so bad that i honestly talk about it at least once a day. so bad that i am full with complete jealousy whenever anyone speaks of going there or being there. so bad that i would jump on a plane today and never come back. 

can't you see? this place is perfect.

take me back to the place where i belong. 

five months later and i'm still a homesick mess. 

london: i just don't think i'll ever get over you.

10 May 2010

you gotta go there to come back.

school is out and so am i.

the second finals ended i packed up my things, got my in car, left all my stress behind and took off for a while.

FIRST: st. george welcomed me with cold weather but lots of fun. i visited my brother and his wife and their little girl plus my soon-to-be-little nephew. it was the perfect relaxing weekend and just what i needed.

there was lots of yummy food. hugh grant. myth-busters. sleeping and playing. it was great.

THEN: i came home just in time to unpack, repack and take off to Dallas, Texas to see my oldest sister and her family. my little nephew was to be baptized and we were lucky enough to even have my oldest brother and his family. perfect mini family reunion. 

there was lots of laughs. brothers bloom. games. frozen yogurt. and the best times.

i just can't wait till the 4th when ALL my family will be in Provo playing with me. 

still... i think i need another vacay.

(p.s. thank goodness my lovely sisters take pictures. because i don't.)

04 May 2010

my favourite book.

i found something perfect the other day. three of my most favorite things all together in one.

red phone booth.

check check and check. 

take a look into this mini library where residents of somerset, england, trade in their previously read books in exchange for a new one placed there by someone else in the community. this library houses over 100 books and is open 24/7 including a little light in the ceiling for constant perusing.  

seriously people. in a world where a love of reading is becoming slimmer and slimmer. this is a little gleam of hope.

all i know is that I want to get myself a red phone booth and fill it up with all my favorite books.

this. is truly read all over