10 June 2010

pictures of success.

when i got home from my london adventure i decided i needed to do something special with my almost 2,000 pictures. besides just put them on facebook.

so since january i've been working on a photo book at shutterfly containing all my favorite london pictures and memories. 

let me tell you. it has been a pain and a half. 

but now, after
500 pictures.
100 pages.
some money out of my pocket.
hours of effort and patience.
and a little bit of torture.
i have finished. 

the book should be on its way to me by the 19th and i cannot wait.

here are the finished pages.

i can't wait till this beauty arrives at my door.

1 comment:

Gramma Betsy said...

The book IS a beauty! It really was amazing, and it will always be a special way to re-live your London experience. Nice Job!