12 June 2010

i will be there.

on may 6th 2008 i received an email from a stranger. 

a stranger from a place in nevada i'd never heard of.
a stranger i wouldn't meet for three and a half months.
a stranger who liked to decorate and coordinate.
a stranger with tastes similar to mine. 
a stranger i would come to share a 10" x 10" space with. 
a stranger who would come to be one of my best friends.

alyssa lee smith.
(the best first roommate i could ever ask for.) 

even though the first day we met, i was a crying mess.
even though my corner of the room was always a mess.
even though i did my homework into the late hours of the evening.
even though my alarm only work her up.
even though we sometimes didn't get along.
even though i hated on her home town.
even though i made her play with my hair at every given moment.
even though i forced her to tell me every detail of her life.
even though she knows every detail of my life.
she's still one of my absolute favorite people.

you see, there is something that happens when you share such a small place. you become like sisters. 
and it is amazing to me that such different people could be put together, grow together and realize just how similar we really are. 
although it has been over a year since we've lived together we're still the closest of friends and she is still saving my life.
on june 8th 2010 i received a package from a friend.

a package with a bowl full of muddy buddies, one of my favorite treats.
a package sent with love and support from 300 miles away. 

you see even from a different state she knows how make my day.

on june 11th 2010 i received a visit from a best friend.

a lucky visit, a short visit, but a much needed visit.

on an errand for her work she was able to come to salt lake and share a little cheesecake factory lunch with me. see no matter if life is sometimes hard or the weather is sometimes dreary, we know how to have a good time.
so glad i got that email two years ago. heaven knows i wouldn't have been able to make it through freshman year without her. i know for sure i wouldn't be able to make it though life period without her.
love you alyss. thanks again.

1 comment:

alyssa said...

oh my word.
i didn't know you wrote this!
i'm crying a little right now!
i love that you could put this all into words so perfectly.
thank you.
love you!