13 June 2010

starts with one.

one year.

one year is a long time. especially for a blog.

in the past year this blog has seen a lot of changes. and not just in design. 

in the past year this blog read all over has been written all over

in the past year this blog has seen me...
living in two countries.
visiting five european countries.
residing in three homes, three separate zip codes.
being a member of four completely different wards.
taking over 2,000 pictures.
adding 1030 songs to my music library. 2.6 days and 8.63 GB of listening pleasure.
watching over 160 new television episodes and over 275 old television episodes.
sending 463 emails.
traveling to three of the united states. 
stepping foot in seven of the united states.
meeting hundreds of new people.
making many best friends. 
learning new words from five languages.
gaining one new family member.
attending at least ten musical performances.

more importantly:
spending time with people i love.
being taught loads of useful information.
learning so much more about myself.
and having more fun than ever. 

so here's to the past year. a good one. full of great times and the best people.

i know my blog can't wait to see what happens next...


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