07 June 2010

little girl.

last week, as my sister in law was recovering from her c-section my sister and i were able to steal this cute thing

and bring her up to provo with us for a week of fun (and rest for her mother and baby brother.)

emma and i had a week full of sleepovers and early mornings. lots of jumping on the tramp. some water fights. mcdonald's (unfortunately). listening to lady gaga and beyonce (her favorite). and lots of laughter. 

she's a doll.

i let her use my camera for a few minutes and she took some pretty great pics. including this ever so myspace shot. they learn young i guess.

we would ichat her parents every night so she wasn't so home sick. needless to say eventually photo booth was her new favorite activity.

it was fun being her mother for a week and i was sad when she went back home. but lucky for me, i got another visit just a few days later when my brother came up for his best friends wedding. emma and i spent the day playing on the tramp, in a little kiddie pool and in the sprinklers. after our day in the sun, i dressed her up for the ball with the pretty princess (aka the wedding). 

then she left me once again.

love this girl. and i hate that none of my nieces/nephews live less than 4 hours away. less then a month till they all come back to me!


Shera said...

They can't wait!

Heather and Trevor said...

Oh that was the sweetest post ever! I actually got teary eyed. So cute! I am going to steal it and put it on my blog. (Check mine for yours) She had the best time! Love you forever for all your help! Miss you! Can't wait till the forth! :) xoxo