27 August 2010

teenage love song.

well, i have officially said goodbye to my childhood... i have passed up that oh so crucial and fun part of my life, onto real life now. a life full of decisions, change, and new experiences...

who am i kidding? i'm still a baby. and still just as reckless, fun and bad at making decisions as i've always been.

but i have grown one year older and said goodbye to those six amazing teenage years. last year i said after i turned 20 it was time to say goodbye to joe jonas and the disney channel. and sure maybe, i don't watch hannah montana anymore, and i don't lust after joe jonas like i used to, but i'm still a kid at heart

i don't think that will ever change. 

however, i'd like to think i have changed this past year, and maybe just maybe i am a little more of an adult than i was in 2009...

i've learned how to navigate my way through various foreign cities.
i've learned how to completely arrange and book a vacation by myself.
i've learned how to depend on myself.
i've learned more and more about how important family is.
i've grown in the gospel.
i've been changed by the good examples of others.
i've learned how to pay taxes.
i've almost applied to my major and started my real education.
i've learned how to take care of my body better.
i've figured out what i want to do with my life.
i've changed my perspective.
i've learned to make friends in the least expected people.

every year on my birthday, i like to look back at where i was the year before. i hope that each time i do this i see positive change and progress. this year i have. 

you know what they say... "one year older and wiser too..."

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