30 August 2010

too far gone.

have i ever told you about how i hate china? 

no, i'm not a racist.
and no i'm not ungrateful for all the things i own that are made there.

really and truly honestly, the only reason i hate china is because that country has stolen my two best friends for four whole months and i can't seem to forgive it. 

but i guess i am happy for cami and michelle who will be teaching little chinese kids english and having the time of their lives. i had my adventure, they can have theirs.

however, that doesn't mean i miss them any less.

lucky for me, i was able to spend lots of time with them before they left and stock up on all my favorite memories.

their last couple of days were filled with fun, friends, parties, lots of american food, a little bit of stress, goodbyes, saddness but also lots of excitement. 
i'm counting down the days till they are back in the safety of america and right back where i like them. 

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Kimber and Casey said...

i love your new background and header! super cute! you seriously need to help me w mine one day!!! casey and i kept thinking we saw you on campus today- but when i looked at the girl (before even looking at the face) i thought "no that's not emmy- she's not dressed cute enough:)"

i hope to see you soon!!!!!