26 October 2010


attention blogging world:

please excuse me for being the most absentee blogger... you see, recently my life has taken a turn for the busy and my poor blog has been neglected.

this is my life...

four days of the week I spend most of my waking hours working at the best job ever. with some of the sweetest girls I know and the greatest customers around. compromising about 30 hours of my week.

on top of all that goodness. i spend roughly 20 hours a week on campus studying my heart out. (keep in mind that this is only two days of the week)

i spend about 56 hours of my week sleeping. yet my left eye continues to twitch all day long

i reserve one day of my week, a whole 24 hours, to relax and focus on the most important things.

my kitchen cupboards are full of on the go snacks, because i rarely, if ever, eat in my actual apartment. luckily, my parents (and jeff's parents for that matter) still let me depend on them for proper nutrition. all in all I spend about 14 hours eating a week.

plus i have to manage to make time for the people i like to be around. needless to say, they don't get much of my attention. probably only about 24 hours a week.

so you see, my blog just simply hasn't been worked into any of the 168 hours in my week.

and I could promise that this leave of absence will end. but even though my week of five miserable midterms has just come to a close, i don't have any more time on my hands than before.

but life is good and i am happy.
and for those of you who have been asking....i do promise this: one day, eventually, i will devote more time to this lovely blog and reassure you that i am not in fact dead, or miserable. 

but until then....

enjoy the snow.


alyssa said...

finally. :)
I am so glad that 2-3 of these hours per week I get to see you!

Gramma Betsy said...

Thank goodness you get hungry every now and then---otherwise I might never see you!