05 September 2010

change your mind.

i've never been a cat person. since i was a baby, i've been a true believer that dogs are absolutely mans best friend. my whole life i've been raised with the best dogs, and i've always hated cats.

that was until this cutie showed up in my backyard.
the other night my mom heard some small cries outside of her bedroom window. after a little bit of searching she found this baby kitty, lost and abandoned by its mother, almost starving to death in the cold. 
see, i live right by a field that is the home to various stray cats. these felines often find refuge in my backyard...much to our dismay. but this time, they left something behind, the most adorable little kitten i have ever seen.

i promise you, my hatred of cats disappeared the minute i looked into her bright blue eyes. 
unfortunately, since my mother is allergic to cats, we had to give the kitty to the animal shelter where hopefully it finds a good home. 

i miss you baby kitty.
if only cats stayed this cute and tiny forever.


Kimber and Casey said...

ahhh!!!!! i love little kittys and their little meows! isn't it precious!? sad you had to give it away!

Shera said...

Last year we found a tiny gray kitten starving to death in our back yard! We found it on a Friday night, and Monday was a holiday, so by Tuesday my kids were so attached, it was sad to say goodbye.

Jenson Family said...

Love it! What a good animal rescuer!

Heather and Trevor said...

What a cute little kitty! I too feel the same way about Dogs vs. Cats and also because I am allergic but that is a darling cat! Love the blue eyes. That was so sweet of you to take care of it!

Trevor Jenson said...

Cute for one day, then yes, time to get it out of the house.