24 July 2009

gotta have you.

well, its official. the day you all thought would never happen is here...I'm in love

[with this son of a beaut.]

Not what you were expecting? Too bad.

I've longed after one of these lovely contraptions for months. The numerous models located just under my window in the bike rack by my dorm and all over campus didn't help my longing. And now my bestie Michelle has gone and gotten one for her birthday. These two details have led to this public coming out.

i like it, i love it, i want it, i need it.

p.s. my birthday is August 21st. :)

18 July 2009

the wizard and i.

seven words.

harry. potter. and. the. half. blood. prince.

sure, there were some major changes but I felt pretty good about it.

i heart harry+ginny....could have used more ron+hermione...but hey, there are still two more movies right?

michelle maw (dean thomas) samantha abney (hermione granger) ashlee whitaker (romilda vane) rondi jenson (harry potter) heather jenson (seamus finnegan) ali (pavarti patil) sandy gustaveson (neville longbottom) cami whitaker (katie bell) ME (ginny weasley) alisen abney (ron weasley) holly gustaveson (lavender brown)

the midnight showing was a success and the shirts al and i made were great.

here's a front and back look...


i know you want me. (rumba si)

horray for the fourth of july! (the biggest jenson drama fest in the history of the world)

here are the rest of the happenings...

backyard campfires with mich and shaylee=burnt fingers & good times

dance parties in my bedroom

the best family together forever (thank goodness)
.visiting the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

ron and i the stadium of fire

life partners

all the single ladies

the fourth was great. lots of family, fun, games, treats, movies, the whole she-bang.

till next year...

hello beautiful.

yes, it is true.

this fourth of july i was graced with the ability to be near my one and only true love.

joe jonas ♥ ♥ ♥

needless to say stadium of fire was all that I hoped for and more. and I am just as in love as ever.

joe is so hot.

thats all.