18 July 2009

i know you want me. (rumba si)

horray for the fourth of july! (the biggest jenson drama fest in the history of the world)

here are the rest of the happenings...

backyard campfires with mich and shaylee=burnt fingers & good times

dance parties in my bedroom

the best family together forever (thank goodness)
.visiting the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

ron and i the stadium of fire

life partners

all the single ladies

the fourth was great. lots of family, fun, games, treats, movies, the whole she-bang.

till next year...


Jenson Family said...

Rumba-SI! I love that! You crack me up. That was fun!

Heather and Trevor said...

I second the Rumba-SI! I loved that! I think I was drunk that night, and it made it the best....hehe