18 July 2009

the wizard and i.

seven words.

harry. potter. and. the. half. blood. prince.

sure, there were some major changes but I felt pretty good about it.

i heart harry+ginny....could have used more ron+hermione...but hey, there are still two more movies right?

michelle maw (dean thomas) samantha abney (hermione granger) ashlee whitaker (romilda vane) rondi jenson (harry potter) heather jenson (seamus finnegan) ali (pavarti patil) sandy gustaveson (neville longbottom) cami whitaker (katie bell) ME (ginny weasley) alisen abney (ron weasley) holly gustaveson (lavender brown)

the midnight showing was a success and the shirts al and i made were great.

here's a front and back look...



Shera said...

I love the shirts! Someday you need to teach me how. Good job updating, maybe I will follow your example someday.

Jenson Family said...

Those shirts are AMAZING! Love them. You are so creative and good at that kind of stuff...

Heather and Trevor said...

Ummmmm yeah, that was the best! I loved it! I need to update my bloggy blog too. Oh I can't wait to see it again and again. So glad we got to see it together!