31 May 2011

we never change

since the weather refuses to change, i thought i'd make a few of my own changes. 

{namely a new blog layout}
because heaven knows all that yellow was a bit much.
but the change in weather isn't the only thing i am looking forward to.

you see this summer is bound to be one of the best. 
but before the celebrations begin, there are a few items i need to check off my list.

#1: Reporting
Against my better judgement I enrolled in Spring Term
Unfortunately, that is the tricky part of actually graduating... too many classes, so little time. 
So here I am, spending all the rainy days of this Spring writing for the school newspaper. 
Yep, thats right, two to three times a week you can see my byline in the Daily Universe. 
But now I have a mere two and a half weeks and approximately four stories and two projects to complete. 

counting down the minutes...

#2: The best day
{photography by the wonderful mikki platt}

Four weeks from today I will become one half of a whole lot of fun
I will officially be a married woman and starting a new life with my favorite guy.

#3: No more miss wedding planner
I can't say the new last name is the only thing I am looking forward to...
on June 28th, wedding planning will be done forever.
between work and school i spend most moments avoiding the whole process until forced to do so. 

don't get me wrong, it's been loads of fun, but definitely hard work.

#4: Moving
moving is hard enough, times that by two and all i have to say is yikes
not to mention the fact that the only furniture we have is a dining room table. 
never fear. this is one of the more exciting list items and i am more than ready to start moving in. 

plus, there are a few more events i am fully ready for to kick off my summer...

the final harry potter
mixed emotions on this one. what will i do after my favorite wizard moves on with his life?

the fourth of july
although practically minutes from the blessed union, this fourth of july has plenty in store. can't wait to spend every waking minute with my family.

the baby
not mine guys, don't worry...
jack the cutest little texan cowboy that i have yet to meet. 

it all begins in sixteen days.


Cory & Celeste Simons said...

I'm so excited for you Emmy! Congrats again!

Jenson Family said...

Yay!! It's getting so close!!! You guys are the cutest couple - what gorgeous pictures (dad sent me one on his phone)! The girls are really excited. Squeaky and I were just talking about it this morning! xoxo

Mr. & Mrs. Woolf said...

Emmy! Im sooo excited for you! Congrats girl. You look gorgeous--but thats nothing new :)!

alexfahey said...

So excited for you- Matt and I would love to get you a little something are you registered anywhere? Or anything you would love from Hawaii?

Alli said...

em, i am so excited for all of this! i love you and am so happy for you.