21 June 2009

summertime (kind of)

it may be the first day of summer, but i have yet to see one peek of the sun. all is see is rain. now don't get me wrong, i love the rain. but really? its almost july.

however, we've managed to fill our rainy days with some fun. here is a highlight from this week:

one of the best things about summer in utah: on any given weekend if you are willing to drive a few miles you can find some sort of carnival or fair. this week we were graced with two.

number one: the carnival in the albertsons parking lot.

number two: the strawberry days rodeo in pleasant grove. such the essence of my childhood. we even dressed up in cowboy boots (kind of) although this was the only picture i managed to get of us

overall it was a good week. and for once we actually had something entertaining to do...even in the downpour.

04 June 2009

jude law and a semester abroad.

well...since it has been a whole year since the last time i wrote any sort of blog posting i figured it was about time for take two. this time on my own.

the past year of this tonsil-less, high school and seminary graduate, byu student, eighteen year old life has been interesting in all sorts of ways. Quick highlight for the less informed: I spent the rest of my summer having fun in the sun and taking advantage of my hassle free job at the loop salon where i got to spend every day with my best friend/sister rondi. the end of august brought a lot of big changes in my life. 1. i turned eighteen and was officially an adult. 2. i moved out for the first time...even if it was only five miles away from home 3. the day i moved out my best friend, and younger "sibling" Cobi Jones Jenson passed away. he was the best little doggie anyone could ever ask for and I still miss him a lot. and finally 4. i began my freshman year of college.

the past year was fun. i made a lot of new friends and formed some really great relationships. school was hard and i finally learned what it meant to really study. now i'm back home and i miss it. correction: i miss my friends. not the school part. now it is summer again and I am just living it is as much as possible. I work in the front office at seven peaks water park where i get to deal with wet kids, parents, and angry patrons all day. sound ideal? at least it (sort of) pays the bills. most of the time i just do a lot of random stuff with my friends and try not to waste away the few precious hours of free time in my day.

all this is trivial and truly not that important. i'm living and i'm happy. thats all that matters right? it's time i revealed the main reason for the creation of this blog...

prepare yourself...

I received an email today that will change the rest of my life. it stated, and i quote "Dear Emmy Jenson: Congratulations on your acceptance to BYU's Fall 2009 London Study Abroad. Participation in this international experience will be life changing..." like i said..

after a long process of regret, ideas, good friends, emails, interviews, drop-outs and applications, i made it.

congratulations london. your new resident is waiting for you. see you in september.

all i have to do is wait a couple months, save a lot of money and then i will be gone for three months having the time of my life and trying my best to become european. for those of you who care about my life, you will be pleased to know you can keep track of it right here. for some of you, that may mean getting to know me better than you ever had before.

but for now, see you later.

**special thanks to leslie's friend judy and her father for making this happen.