21 June 2009

summertime (kind of)

it may be the first day of summer, but i have yet to see one peek of the sun. all is see is rain. now don't get me wrong, i love the rain. but really? its almost july.

however, we've managed to fill our rainy days with some fun. here is a highlight from this week:

one of the best things about summer in utah: on any given weekend if you are willing to drive a few miles you can find some sort of carnival or fair. this week we were graced with two.

number one: the carnival in the albertsons parking lot.

number two: the strawberry days rodeo in pleasant grove. such the essence of my childhood. we even dressed up in cowboy boots (kind of) although this was the only picture i managed to get of us

overall it was a good week. and for once we actually had something entertaining to do...even in the downpour.

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Heather and Trevor said...

That is a darling Picture of you girls! Rodeos are the best! I love them! I need to get those pictures of you from "UP" too. What a fun thing, summer in Utah. I love it up there. I can't wait for the forth! It's going to be awesome! We need to play Phase 10 again with LOTS of Cinnamon Bears and talk like Norwegians too! LOL :)