17 December 2009

set adrift on memory bliss.

since I've been home from London I have been on a ever-constant memory lane. here's a list of my motherland favorites...

1. 27 Palace Court: the mice and Ms. Shepherd could never scare me away. even with all its victorian flaws this place will always be home and i have to say, my bottom bunk and shoe box sized closet will always have a space in my heart.

2. Queensway: two tube stops, two tescos, boots, whitley's, tuk tuk, bella italia, cheap scarves, the post office, frog frozen yogurt, ryman stationer, mcdonalds free wifi, waffles, and everything in between. this is my most frequented street. 

3. Nandos: grilled chicken pitta with lemon and herb sauce, chips on the side with a bottomless diet coke. yes please. the best place in town to find unlimited supplies of soda, an amazing meal and a perfectly good time.

4. Lush: this place has the best beauty products and emanates an even more glorious smell. mmmm yummy.

5. Queen Elizabeth II: I hope she reigns forever. long live the queen. 

6. Megavideo: this site stole so much of my rare "the-internet-is-actually-working" moments. and okay, i know this is available in the states but nevertheless, thanks to it i never missed an episode of any of my favorite shows. even with its bogus 72 minute rule.

7. The Ladies: i never thought i would survive living with 40 girls but it wasn't so bad. i grew to know and love each and every one of them and we became such a family. sure, we all had our times, but i already miss all of them and can't wait till we are reunited in Provo in January!

8. The Wandsworth Common Ward: Never have I met such amazing people in my life. I will never forget my time spent serving as a youth sunday school teacher and working with the kids in the ward. From day one they all welcomed me in as one of their own and I will honestly miss them and their amazing spirits. The hour and a half trek to church each sunday was worth it every time.

9. The Tube: i owe my life to my student oyster card that got me everywhere I needed to go. london transportation is like a gift from the gods.

10. Londoners: with their immaculate sense of style and absolute poise these people are unlike any I have ever known. They come from everywhere but share the same love for the greatest city on earth. and being so, i love them. even if it takes a little refresher in a pub for them to lighten up a bit.

and even though i promised myself i would limit the list to ten things I love so much more about the city. since i've been home people have asked me what my favorite thing is about london, and the truth is that is an impossible question. sure, i don't love every single thing about london, it isn't perfect after all. but i love it will all my heart and it will always be home.

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