07 February 2010

prayers for the staker family.

this week I have had a special little prayer in my heart for one of my neighbors.

last saturday, a little sixteen month old baby drowned in a bathtub. he was in the tub with his older brother and his mom had stepped out for just a minute... in that minute all their lives changed. luckily the paramedics were able to arrive in time to resuscitate him. he is currently at primary children's hospital and slowly making progress. you can read the entire, heart wrenching story here.

I can't imagine an experience more painful and difficult and i feel so horribly for the Staker family. however if there is anything positive to be said about this situation, it is the support they have been receiving. people all over the world are praying for them. and if you feel inclined, i would ask you to as well.

Sara (the mom) has been documenting baby Bronson's progress on her family blog. and if you care to follow her and Bronson's story, here is a link for the Staker Blog.

Sara is an amazing woman and a detailed blogger. Her posts are very thorough and she doesn't miss a thing. Her posts make the whole process very real. I can't imagine what she is going through right now but I admire her strength at this awful time. 

so here's to sara, baby bronson and the entire staker family. let's all pray for some more good news and to be able to see this little boy smiling again.